Wheelchair Ramps

Aardvark offers a variety of wheelchair ramps to meet your needs.  We now offer wheelchair ramps FOR RENT.

  • Modular Wheelchair Ramps can are assembled from stock sections and can be configured to your home. Most often modular ramps are used for permanent use on 2 or more steps. Modular ramps have handrails.
  • Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps are most often used for temporary use on 1-2 steps. Also Called Folding Ramps
  • MINI Wheelchair Ramps are most often used for semi permanent use on 1-2 steps. They are lightweight aluminum construction.

All Aardvark wheelchair ramps comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act for home use.  We frequently modify our standard ramp and platform modules to accommodate special requirements. Common modifications include special dimension platforms, wider ramps, special entry and exit points. We do our best to meet all your needs for wheelchair ramps needs.